About Me

img_4439I am an Australian, living in Weimar, Thuringia, Germany since 2012. I didn’t chose this small town and it was only meant to be a 2 year experiment/experience and yet, here I still am. Despite some challenges, some dreams unfulfilled and then restructured, friends come and go, men come and go, my family all the way over there, I love my life here.

I wanted to share some thoughts, observations, experiences and anecdotes about life in Weimar since most blogs I have managed to find are either set in popular and much larger German cities and are sometimes personally hard to relate to. The difference between life in West Germany compared to East Germany are still significant in some ways.

I enjoy eating cake on Sundays, a good coffee, travelling around Europe, getting into a good book, catching up with my family and Aussie life, watching Netflix, bullet journaling and the occassional walk in nature.